#TeachTheKids – Malatibai Kulkarni Vidhyalay, Nashik

Hi, I’m Mehul Patel and I specialize in Information Technology and Services. I’m passionate about what I do, and I love to help people. Nothing is more fulfilling than being part of a team with similar interests.

Mozilla Club :


Our motto is to enable people from all age groups and professions to be a part of making awesome things on the web. We teach all to develop their web literacy skills by spreading awareness and teaching the skills required to develop the web. To do so, we go to school, colleges, offices and any public spaces to teach them about the open source technologies.#MozClubNashik

Description :

#TeachTheKids is an initiative which aims at educating school kids about the basics of Computers, Internet and other similar stuff, in a fun and interactive way. This is also mainly concentrated on small schools with fewer facilities. The scope of this could be extended by forming Webmaker School Clubs.

 An initiative to bring exposure to school kids about the web.

Date & Time :

10th Oct. 2015 at 12p.m.

Venue :

Malatibai Kulkarni Vidhyalay,
Krishi Nagar, Nashik, Maharashtra 422005


  1. Mehul Patel
  2. Mayur Patil
  3. Vishal Chavan
  4. Anagha


Attendees :

100+ students

Agenda :

  • What is Computer ? and its parts?
  • How to  introduce ourself?
  • What is an Internet? How it works?
  • What is search engine?


This was totally unplanned event for me, at morning I got a called from Mayur Patil and he was told me about the event and actually I was not ready to come because I was busy on that day, but he forced me and also, again I got another chance to meet some new kids so I don’t want lose this opportunity and I was ready. Event start time was 12pm and I was there on time, Mayur was also there then we have entered in school, we seated in principle cabin, till the time we don’t event planned that what we are going to teach them? so me and team has started to planned because in next 10-15 mins session is going to start, so I have prepared small agenda for the session and share with my team. Then all have decided to go ahead with that agenda, so now its show time for us!

I always enjoy my session and more than me kids are enjoying my session that actually more boost me, so here I again I have started the session with a bang,


I have asked everyone to abbreviate each term of COMPUTER, it was very healthy conversation while we all are discussion each term. Among my all session that I taken till date, this was the best conversation with students ever because these kids are so enthusiastic and very keep to know about the computer. They have tried their level best  the abbreviate each alphabets, by this we can actually got to know that there so many word we can imagine, think and present, we can make some new words as well by using our imagination, during the session I heard some new words too, some of the words were weird but i really felt good because it comes to know that our brain have millions words stored in, it’s up to us how we can use it .

You want the abbreviation, Here it is  :

C – Commonly

O – Operated

M – Machine

P – Particular

U – Used for

T – Trade,

E – Education &

R – Research

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This was great session ever for me! I really wish  I could get more chance in future so I can share as much knowledge I can.

How to  introduce ourself?

The first thing we all keen to learn in school is to introduce ourself, because this is the thing which really matters when we put forward in the real world. Our introduction also tells our personality so this is very important for us to introduce ourself better.

This was also very healthy conversation, Anagha has very well explained to where to start, what are the key points which needs to be taken and where to end self introductions.


Each students have introduced their self firstly in their own language and later on she has explained the same thing that how to introduce their-self in English.

What is an Internet? How it works?

Here, Mayur and Vishal both came with detailed explanation about internet and how it works. They both have very well explained by demonstration, students are also enjoying the session a lot.

What is search engine?

Both have continued the session, they explain this term and also provided some live examples of search engine like Google, Yahoo,etc. The session was very interactive and students are keep asking questions and both are better answered it.

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We have showed them Webmaker App For Android, also show them one app. Students loved the App, specially they better like when it comes to play on Webmaker tool.

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Group Selfie!!! 🙂

Flicker Album


What Next?

We got invited again by school principal for taking some more sessions, so we have decided that next will take a full day hands on session on webmaker tools.

What else need when day well spent with these awesome kids, I specially loved to come again and again. 🙂 This is motto and inspiration for me so will keep doing it! 🙂


Doing good is part of our code! 🙂 


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