Introduction – Hive India Avishkar 2016

Hi, I’m Mehul Patel and I specialize in Information Technology and Services. I’m passionate about what I do, and I love to help people. Nothing is more fulfilling than being part of a team with similar interests.


I’d like to share my story that how it happens : 

In the month of January I visited at Maker Fest 2016 as Mozilla volunteer to represent Mozilla. That was a 3 days of event  with attendees  of students 3000+.  We specially focused to privacy & security and I was leading in that. Maker fest impact was great. Many of students came to us and really happy to saw that they also wants to be part of Mozilla, but they don’t know where to start? This is the question. After having much conversation with them also got that there was a community in Ahmedabad but we didn’t hear about such community exists, so as being responsible mozillian we have decided to help & guide them with proper way so they can also grow. I thought to give some to name to it so that will keep inspire Gujarat people and here name came in my mind, “Grow Gujarat“.  After proposing  this name, I’m glad that everyone loved it.

In that event as I told maker fest impact was great and due to good communication of mine with people I got some contacts, leads for plan future events for students in Ahmedabad. AVISHKAR is one of the result

How this planned ? 

To be honest 1st ever i faced too much of problems while make it happen, I will tell you how! I have contacted our nearest reps and I gave this leads to them before 1 & half month ago, because in our reps program if we need to organize any event we need to inform before this much of days for filling budget,swags request & all. Apart from that Whole things I managed like, to communicate with College team, organizing team, planning agenda, things needed in events,etc.  But after this much of mine efforts many things are lacking due to lack of communication with reps, I did contacted them, dropped messages many times but as they were busy so they couldn’t help us. And, there has been only 10 days left and got a message from reps people that they didn’t look at this events due to they don’t have time, even they didn’t create reps event page, etc so at the end they did nothing. I was very let down by this.

Now the situation is, the students from Gujarat is very excited that we coming there, specially me because I got a call from many students each day and having a conversation of more than hour daily. They all really wants to know about Mozilla and their program, I really appreciated their passion for Mozilla, we actually need this type of people and I don’t want to let them down or lose them, especially when they more expecting from me! This is a proud moment for me!

Then, I immediately contacted some more reps from Pune and they helped me get things in place but as it was already late even they couldn’t do much, more often they guided us with the path forward and encouraged to go ahead.

Next, I met Akshay Sonawane who is very good technical guy from Nashik and equally passionate like me, so we have started to planning for this event with the agenda’s first. Finally, we have taken this on our head and we know will make it much better.

Actually, not just as a responsible mozillian but as i have promised to them and I know & saw their passion so, me & Akshay have decided to go to the event at our own cost. If by spending some money we can get some passionate students to world so that’s worth for us! 🙂

Left with only create an event on reps portal, Great thanks to Ankit Mehta who had contacted us from the front and asked me for create the event for us. He had made it within 10 minutes, even he has requested swags as well as need it.

Motto of sharing this story with you is, don’t wait for anyone when you are on to do good work. Take the decision at right time & believe in yourself. And trust me this will give you a so much of positiveness, leadership power and also give boost to do more such good work for the society.

This how this happens.

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