MozConnect with iFest’16

Hi, I’m Mehul Patel and I specialize in Information Technology and Services. I’m passionate about what I do, and I love to help people. Nothing is more fulfilling than being part of a team with similar interests.


Purpose : This is the first time Mozilla will participate with i.Fest’16 – Thanks to Mozilla Gujarat Community! The fest will involve students and tech enthusiasts from all over the city and state.

About Event :  i.Fest’16 – Augmented Reality aims at providing a platform for budding engineers to showcase their talent and inculcate the valuable skill of innovation. This new technology, called Augmented Reality, blurs the line between what’s real and what’s computer-generated by enhancing what we see, hear, feel and smell. This is the first time Mozilla will participate with them – Thanks to Mozilla Gujarat Community! The fest will involve students and tech enthusiasts from all over the city and state.

What is Activate Mozilla Community ?

Activate Mozilla Community is a significant campaign with four focus initiatives. It supports the current organizational goals by entrusting someone on how he can start participating on the web and build web a better place to live in. It also encourages mobilization of one’s community by predominantly focusing on special initiatives like development on Rust, WebVR, testing as well as non-technical ones like Maker Party and privacy policy.

It’s a tradition in India to light a lamp first before starting any auspicious events…

Thanks IEEE and team iFest’16 for inviting me as Guest for  the inaugural function of iFest’16. Here I have shared about Mozilla & its mission with people who came for this fest. It was awesome feeling to share it when IEEE and DA-IICT board of directors sitting in front of you and you speaking and they all are keenly listening to you. It was honoured to share the stage with them. 🙂 #BestFeelings.


1st session started with Rust, and before event I got to know that Abhiram was at  Gandhinagar and coincidentally at the same venue where we had this event so right before 5 mins to start the event I met the Abhiram and I asked him to start the Rust  session and then I had taken over.  this was 2nd time I was met him.

What is Rust ?

Rust is a systems programming language that runs blazingly fast, prevents segfault, and guarantees thread safety.

Rust will be the language of the future. I bet on it.

Check out Presentation here

2nd session was about web compatibility.

What is Web Compatibility :

Web Compatibility, the ability for all Web content to run in all browsers, is important. There are multiple web content engines running on multiple devices, and sometimes with a little testing and some small tweaks to their site, developers can ensure that more users can have the full experience that is desired.

Here exploring Virtual reality with VR handset.


Reps Event Page :

OWASP official Page :

Planning Pad :

Drive Link (Photos) :

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