Mozilla Community POP-UP Meet Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Hi, I’m Mehul Patel and I specialize in Information Technology and Services. I’m passionate about what I do, and I love to help people. Nothing is more fulfilling than being part of a team with similar interests.


Purpose: Meet Teach and hang together to build a better community, discuss all the things which we are doing and planing our future activities

Organizer : Mehul Patel

Reps Event Page :

Planning Pad :


Agenda : 

  1. Discuss and Planning Future events 
  1. Event proposal, formats & its structure design for more improvement 
  1. Build Task Force – Community Design, Structure & Roles.
  1. Planning for Take Back The Web campaign
  1. Feedback 


From very long time I wanted to have one meetup with Mozillinas from Gujarat, because after Maker Fest 2016 I got to know that there is community over here and it was established in may be almost before 2 years. Some mozillinas met us in Maker Fest & Avishakar 2016 and they asked for us to guide them so they can grow the community. After that Me and Ankit Mehata has started to guide them virtually.
But there is need to of one personal meetup but due to tight scheduled can’t make it out, but as I came here so FSA from Gujarat contacted me and they want me to come and arrange one meetup. I really like that they are pretty excited for growing community, and about this type to concern I’m anytime ready to guide/help.

Actually after Maker Fest I have already studied Mozilla Gujarat structure, the way community work, social media approach, etc.

I decided to first make one proper structure of community and in meetup everybody agreed the points.

I have given some suggestions  as per below which we will need to work on first,

  1. Community Website : It was look like only for blogger site, so decided to re-develop the same site with proper design which having all information related to community and contributors so if any new member/FSA want  any information or want to contact so they can easily do that from there.
  2.  Social Media & Marketing
  3. Event Management
  4. Documentation
  5. Creativity / Graphics

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