#TeachTheKids at Orphanage, Nashik

Hi, I’m Mehul Patel and I specialize in Information Technology and Services. I’m passionate about what I do, and I love to help people. Nothing is more fulfilling than being part of a team with similar interests.

This was totally a unplanned event. Our Mozilla Reps Vishal planed to visit Orphanage situated at Trimbakeshwer,Nashik. And he convinced all the mozillians to join this event. As we are not to much prepared for agenda therefore we just bought some chart papers and markers.

Here I’m ready!


After reaching there we plane some agenda for them:


  1. How to introduce themselves in English
  2. Why studies are important
  3. What are computers? Difference between a desktop and Laptop
  4. Hardware- software
  5. Discussion about what they wont to be in future and guidance for that.
  6. what is the web
  7. how they can connect with others in the world using the web
  8. how they can find study materials from the internet
  9. how can they get factual information & all

After planing agenda, we started by telling the kids to introduce
themselves in English, so to help them
we used a chart paper and wrote “MY NAME IS _____ AND I AM IN STANDARD _____” and told the kids to read it with adding there names in blank space.


After that we have taught them to write their name in English.

To make the session more interactive we asked the children what they aspire to become in the future. We
got very passionate replies from them. Many wanted to be a engineers, some wanted to be teachers, some wanted to lawyers etc 🙂
So for motivating them to study hard. We told a story about former president Kalam. How he worked hard and
became a scientist. We also showed them a small SAND ART MOVIE ON APJ ABDUL KALAM 🙂 (This movie
was created by sand artist Jayesh borse at Mega Maker Party which was held 2 weeks back and organized by me[Mehul Patel])

Selfie time! 🙂


At the end We also kept a dancing activities. Where one of our dancer
Mozillian Ronit Jadhav taught the kids some dance moves 🙂 Me and Mayur has also shaken our legs with these awesome kids. 🙂

Then as a vote of thanks these children performed few dance performances for us.



What’s Next:

Next, we are planning to keep a full day session
1) How to use computers (Hands on)
2) What is internet? How it works? (Hands on)
3) Lo Fi activities
4) Webmaker tools (Hands on)

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