MozSummer FSA Camp Month 2nd Week 3


Mozilla Club :


Our motto is to enable people from all age groups and professions to be a part of making awesome things on the web. We teach all to develop their web literacy skills by spreading awareness and teaching the skills required to develop the web. To do so, we go to school, colleges, offices and any public spaces to teach them about the open source technologies. #MozClubNashik

Date & Time :

20th & 21st June 2015 at 12p.m.

Venue :

Sofine colour lab,Opposite to Sagar sweet’s,Beside Titan eye pluse,College Road, Nashik


  1. Mehul Patel (Organizer & Speaker )
  2. Ronit Jadhav (Speaker)
  3. Pooja Kanawade (Speaker)

Technical Assistance:

  1. Mitesh Pokar
  2. Akshay Sonawane

Planning Pad :


Agenda :

  1.  Intro. To Mozilla Support
  2. Roles for SUMO & AOA
  3. Session on MLS
  4. Intro. to MLS pilot event in Nashik


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