Mozilla Summer FSA Camp Reports


Hi, I’m Mehul Patel and I specialize in Information Technology and Services. I’m passionate about what I do, and I love to help people. Nothing is more fulfilling than being part of a team with similar interests.

Mozilla Club :


Our motto is to enable people from all age groups and professions to be a part of making awesome things on the web. We teach all to develop their web literacy skills by spreading awareness and teaching the skills required to develop the web. To do so, we go to school, colleges, offices and any public spaces to teach them about the open source technologies. #MozClubNashik

Recap :

We have planned for MozCoffee meet-up to discuss and planning for the future event.  Meet-up was at City Center Mall, Nashik on 3rd May 2015.
I was ready with my idea or concept, just waiting to put forward it to my community member so it can be discussed and executed.
Here, I have put my concept about Mozilla Summer FSA Camp and have explained them that how it will be benefited to all new and existing FSA, I was very happy that all of them recognized and appreciated this concept.

For more about meet-up, Click Here

Reason :  

A successful Student Ambassador is enthusiastic about and familiar with Firefox and Mozilla, experience planning events and organizing school activities, having some programming and Web Literacy can be helpful as well, Ambassadors should be comfortable answering basic questions about Web browsers, Firefox features, Firefox OS and how to get involved with Mozilla. There are many FSA’s who join Mozilla but don’t know about all the contribution areas and the responsibilities associated within those areas.

Purpose : 

Teach FSA about all contribution areas and make them aware about Mozilla and their responsibilities, so that they can contribute and give their best in their particular field of interest.

About the event : 

This event is aimed as a start of MozSummer FSA Camp in Nashik(India). The Event would have Introductory sessions of Firefox and its optimum usage and all about Contribution areas in Mozilla.

Time for execution :

Month 1st :

Week 1 Day 1 :

Agenda :

  • Introduction to MozSummerCamp
  • Localization

At the start we have introduced the motto of MozSummer Camp in front of new FSA’s who joined for the day. and then we have started with our very 1st session on Localization. 


After the session we got new Localize r who keenly interested to contribute in it.

For more details, Click Here


Week 1 Day 2 :

Agenda :

  • Introduction to App Maker
  • Hands-on session
  • Mothers Day Celebration

AppMaker is a free tool for creating personal mobile apps, even if you don’t know code! Combine individual bricks to create and share custom mobile apps right in your web browser.

Rajkumar has taken the session for AppMaker. He has provided all the information from basic to how it build.

As you  can see, we had made one app called “Mumma’s App” on the Celebration of Mother’s Day! 🙂

For more details, Click Here

Week 3 :

For Day 1st :

  • What is Blogging?
  • Documentation with word press
  • Contribution res.,Pathways

One of the important mission of Mozilla is to spread openness
but, to reach out to the mass we need a platform where we can express
our activeness and the little we can do to keep our community connected
and present our part of contribution and blogging is the best way to connect with masses

So, Mozilla Nashik’s MozSumerCamp event was designed to take session on Blogging for the new FSA so they can polish their blogging skills

About Blogging

Blogging for beginners at first may see as a nightmare or even a harder than u can imagine yes it does sometimes.

For Day 2nd :

  • Privacy & Security 
  • Community Building

Privacy & Security session was taken by Vishal, he mainly focused on Firefox browsers key features of security and each of working. He has explained,

  • Private Browsing
  • Light beam
  • Do not Track
  • Permissions
  • About config

Time to read and understand The Mozilla Manifesto.

These are the principles that guide our mission to promote openness, innovation & opportunity on the Web.


Now, its my turn to guide FSA about community building and how they can work together and share their ideas, views & knowledge as this all about team work.
Also, we are going to introduce one new topic called FSA Public Speaking, this is aimed to boost confidence to new FSA while they going to speak on any public platform. So we thought this might help all others.

At the end, we have assigned different topics to all  FSA for next week. In the next  week they all are going to  speak individually on any  one topic.

For more details, Click Here


Week 4 :

Agenda :

  • FSA Public Speaking Training
  • Personality Development
  • Feedback Session

1st time ever, we have introduced newly concept called personality development & Public Speaking program for new and existing FSA. This will help them to showcase they’re self publicly.

Session was taken by  me.

Time for Public Speaking Program,  we have already given the topics name to each FSA on which they need to speak in front of all of us.

This program actually helps to improve their confidence when they all  going to any public platform.

Rank  FSA Name                   Topic Name            
----  --------------            ----------                  
1     Priya Thakre               Apple     
2     Ronit Jadhav               Thunderbird 
3     Deepak Patel               Google
4     Vinay Divecha              HTML vs HTML5
5     Vedant Kamlaskar           Android vs CyanogenMod
6     Mitesh Pokar               Linux vs Unix
7     Pragna                     Mozilla Foundation 
8     Rajkumar Dhinge            Open Source
9     Nandita                    Wiki-Media
10    Vishal Chavan              Firefox Mobile
11    Akshay Sonawane            Public Speaker

Above are the assigned topic names for each FSA’s. Here, One by one each have started their session with their respective topic.

These sessions were benefited for all, because in this each FSA has prepared the topics by their own so they get knowledge about it and while they been spoken in front of  us it get benefited to all of us because if anyone don’t know about any topic so by this program they got at least basic information about it.


Here , you can see the #MozSummmerCamp Full Day Reports! It was quite a fun and energetic day for all of us.



Group Selfie!

For more details, Click Here


Here, we have successfully completed 1st month, now its time move to contribution month.

Month 2nd :


Week 1 :

Agenda :

  1. Introduction to HTML & Hands on session
  2. Contribution to Localization (Hands on Activity)


As we know in next we will be having a AppDays in nashik and many people’s are lacking in basic HTML so we have decided that, why don’t we take a session on HTML for our FSA? Here I have put the  idea and one Active FSA Akshay has put forward  to teach HTML.

And, here you can see Akshay is on to teach  HTML from basic,

Now, move to Localization.

If it’s Localization, one Active Localizer Priya always there to teach and guide about to contribution in Localization.  Here we move ahead to hands on activity..

Everyone translating the string for Localization project. Here how we spend our day with learn something and go further with hands on activity.

For more details, Click Here


Week 2 :

Agenda :

The session was divided in 2 parts :
Part I :
1. Motto of AppDays
2. Introduction to FirefoxOS & Marketplace
3. Hands on session on HTML/CSS/JS
4. Play game for fun
Part II :
5. Hands on AppMaking
6. App Publishing
7. Event Feedback

What are the Goals of AppDays

  • Educate and inspire developers to work on HTML5 apps and submit them to the Firefox Marketplace
  •   Amplify and inspire grassroots developer momentum worldwide
  •   Create opportunities for local developers to showcase their apps
  •   Raise awareness of Firefox OS and the developer ecosystem

For more about App Days, Click here

The event was even more Special to our newly Rep. Siddhartha Rao as it was his first session after became a Rep.

All set to ready to start the session. We all are quite excited….


Firstly, session was started with Introduction to Firefox OS by Siddhartha Rao.


An app made by one of the F.S.A. Akshay Sonavane was even uploaded to the marketplace that day, which is now in review.


For more details, Click Here


Week 3 :

Agenda :

  1.  Intro. To Mozilla Support
  2. Roles for SUMO & AOA
  3. Session on MLS
  4. Intro. to MLS pilot event in Nashik


Introductory session was taken by one of Active FSA Pooja Kanawade. Here, Pooja explained about Mozilla supports each area of contribution and how anyone can be involved in it. According to me this is the best contribution area, this is area at which you can be a Technical Geeky. Those are not more in technical so they  can join AOA (Army Of Awesome) team.

As I’m very good in technical side, have detailed explained about technical side and how they can start at 1st. I have also explained about technical articles and how they write it. Also, we aware them Do’s & Don’t which they would need to take care while getting involved.

Being a technical guy, our 1st priority is to resolve our client issue and try to help them our at your best level.



Here, I came again about to announce that next week will be fully dedicated Mozilla Location Service as we have organized MLS pilot event in nashik called “Let’s Stumble Nashik!”


For more details, Click Here


Week 4 :



Let’s Stumble Nashik!! was a half day introduction to «Stumbling tools» that bring knowledge to participants on how to gather  «Geo-location information» in their cities and add it to our repository. After this event, during a certain period of time, participants will gather information and upload it to servers!!

Scoring :

we’re counting the points scored by the scouts over the course of the week of event. So, the points were calculated from 21st June to 28th June, both days included.

Between those eight-day, Total points was 145515 + . That was huge!!!

Winners :

So, without further ado, here are the top three, who will get the gift of appreciation (will be communicated with, shortly):

Rank  Name                ID                  Points
----  ----                --                  ------
1     Faheem K            fhm                 22157
2     Bala Subramaniyan   Bala Subramaniyan   19923
3     Mitesh Pokar        Mitesh.Pokar        15175


On Day 3 we had a stumbling tour to a historical place outside Nashik city!!!

For more details, Click Here

The event was really great and got huge success. Congrats all the winners it was great fun & we look forward to conduct more such programs in near future. Last but definitely not the least. Thanks to all of you scouts who worked hard to make the MLS maps brighter for India. Kudos to ALL. (Y)

Keep Stumbling. (Y) 


Here, we have successfully completed 2nd month. In month we got some new energetic, interactive and enthusiast contributors.

MozSummerCamp Planning Pad

Every successful event need a perfect planning and for perfect planning we need a perfect Team. So here is our awesome team who not only helped me to organize an event but always there whenever I needed. In short, these 2 months era was just awesome. 🙂

Team Members :

  1. Vishal Chavan
  2. Priya Thakre
  3. Mitesh Pokar
  4. Rajkumar Dhinge
  5. Mehul Patel (Me)


Awesome you guys, thank you so much for everything. 🙂 

Doing good is part of our code! 🙂


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