#FoxYeah Celebration Nashik


About the event : 

#FoxYeah.  A Firefox Community Initiative. We are trying to get everyone to download and use Firefox.  this time is special, it is all about #FoxYeah, a campaign that encourages fans of Firefox (that’s us) to share fun photos, memes and videos about what makes Firefox great.

Event link :

Facebook :  https://www.facebook.com/events/1600559693566014/

Venue :

Mahatma Gandhi Vidyamandir’s
Panchavati College Of Management & Computer Science,
Mumbai-Agra Road, (NH-3), Panchavati, Nashik-42203.

Date & Time :

11th  July 2015 at 10am Onwards .

Event Organizers : 

  1. Mehul Patel
  2. Vishal Chavan
  3. Mayur patil

Venue Organizers :

  1. Mehul Patel
  2. Mitesh Pokar

Props Designers  :

  1. Akshay Sonawane
  2. Mayur Padma

Props Makers :

  1. Akshay Sonawane
  2.  Priya Thakre
  3.  Vishal Chavan
  4. Mitesh Pokar
  5.  Mehul Patel
  6. Mayur Patil

Technical Assistance :

  1. Mitesh  Pokar
  2. Deepak Patel
  3. Mehul Patel
  4. Akash Jobanputra
  5. Roshan Ahire

Photography & Video  :

  1. Deepak Patel
  2. Ronit Jadhav
  3. Pranav Deshpande
  4. Mayur Padma

Refreshment :

  1. Mitesh Pokar
  2. Mehul Patel
  3. Bhagyashree Borse
  4. Manju Arya
  5. Rahul Parakh

College Volunteers : 

  1. Mitesh Pokar (Student   Co-ordinator)
  2. Deepak Patel
  3. Kalyani Katkade
  4. Jay Dhadge
  5. Tejal Barve
  6. Yogesh Chaudhari
  7. Harshada Musale
  8. Ankita Navale
  9. Neha Bankar
  10. Ashwini Goverdhane
  11. Pallavi Jagdale
  12. Rina Kamble
  13. Priyanka Khirari


First of all, I was very happy that #FoxYeah celebrated in my college campus.

This how our college welcome us!!! 🙂 This it too cool. Kudos to these girls Kalyani, Neha, Ashwini, Rina & Priyanka (College Volunteers) who have deigned this board to welcome #MozillaNashik team.


Started with Mozilla Introduction session by Mayur Patil and Vishal chavan.


If you look at the seminar hall, it was decorated with awesome balloons. Kudos to my college co-ordinator team.

Then we have told them all about Maker Party which will be coming in next week.

Time to watch video of Priya Shakti and Maker Party.


Everyone keenly watching the videos



Time for my  session, which was on initiative called Mozilla Summer FSA Camp which we have started before 2 months and it was successfully finished with trained new FSA along with their interested contribution area.



Here, you can see unseen moments of  Mozilla Nashik Team, It’s quite of fun which we doing behind..  Loot at  the video you will know how much we are enjoying… 😀

Last  session taken by Ronit Jadhav, it was about MLS event which we did before 2 weeks.


Here you can see the MLS Journey till date :

Video credits : Ronit Jadhav

  Now, it’s time for celebration #FoxYeah. 🙂

Look at  the Firefox Props, banners, stickers & mask around. It looks cool, and looks very cool when people’s hold it and wear it.




Quick Instagram Selfie!!!


Quick Facebook Selfie!!!


Foxy Masks!!!



Awesome crowd!!!

DSC06517 DSC06518 DSC06520IMG_20150711_125455674 IMG_20150711_125502120_HDR


Everyone express their love for #Mozilla ❤


#FoxYeah, Every successful event needs a perfect planning. You can see how we had fun while planning the event.

This is how we did a FoxYeah Celebration : 


Awesome #FoxYeah Moments :

#FoxYeah #MozillaNashik ❤


Doing good is part of our code!!!! 🙂


#FoxYeah Flicker Album


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