MozSummer FSA Camp Month 2nd Week 1




Mozilla Club :


Our motto is to enable people from all age groups and professions to be a part of making awesome things on the web. We teach all to develop their web literacy skills by spreading awareness and teaching the skills required to develop the web. To do so, we go to school, colleges, offices and any public spaces to teach them about the open source technologies. #MozClubNashik

Date & Time :

6th & 7th June 2015 at 12p.m.

Venue :

Sofine colour lab,Opposite to Sagar sweet’s,Beside Titan eye pluse,College Road, Nashik


  1. Mehul Patel (Organizer)
  2. Akshay Sonawane (Speaker)
  3. Priya Thakre (Speaker)

Technical Assistance:

  1. Rajkummar Dhinge
  2. Mitesh Pokar

Planning Pad :


Agenda :

  1. Introduction to HTML & Hands on session
  2. Contribution to Localization (Hands on Activity)



As we know in next we will be having a AppDays in nashik and many peoples are lacking in basic HTML so we have decided that, why don’t we take a session on HTML for our FSA? Here I have put the  idea and one Active FSA Akshay has put forward  to teach HTML.

And, here you can see Akshay is on to teach  HTML from basic,


Here is the Hands on session going on….

Now, move to Localization.

If it’s Localization, one Active Localizer Priya always there to teach and guide about to contribution in Localization.  Here we move ahead to hands on activity..



One of FSA Vinay Divecha has actually started contribution on time by creating the account on portal and started to translate string in Marathi. Kudos to Vinay!!! (Y)

Here we met one new FSA Ankush Ware, Our Best  Rep. Vishal is explaining Ankush to about Mozilla and its mission and how you can get  involved in it. 🙂  Here we can say it that, #MozillaNashik is actually growing as in every week new FSA joined us! Kudos to Nashik Community! 🙂



You can see here, everyone doing their work. This how team needs to be work and I’m very happy that I’m part of it. 🙂




Everyone translating the string for Localization project. Here how we spend our day with learn something and go further with hands on activity.


Time for Group Selfie! 🙂


Waiting for next week…

Doing good is part of our code! 🙂


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